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Preparing Your Data Using Microsoft Excel

Organizing Your Data

Here are a few tips to consider when organizing your data for use in

  • Each row should only contain the name of the person who gave, preferably with their first name and last name in their own fields, along with all of the times that they have given.
  • Each column should contain the dates for each of the giving periods.
  • Please remove any other notes or text from the Excel File as they will cause errors when the giving amounts are calculated.

For each row, SeedTally will tally up all of the giving for that person and provide the total giving for that person. Please be sure to only include dollar amounts in the fields on each row. Any other data will result in an error when trying to compute the total.

If you need help trying to format your data you can use a Sample Excel File to get started:

Download Sample Excel File

Microsoft Excel Sample Data
Your data format should resemble the graphic above


Saving the Microsoft Excel File in .XLS Format

After you enter all of your data in the Excel file, please ensure you save it as .XLS. Please do not save it as the default, .XLSX as it will cause errors.

After you save all of the data in the Excel file, you’re ready to upload it to!

Saving File as .XLS
When you save your file in Excel, go to File, then Save As to see the dialog box above

Uploading Your Data

You will be asked to upload your Microsoft Excel file to the server.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your file, we will need to ask a few questions about your file. Based on our answers to these questions, we will provide a sample of the output. Please check the sample output to ensure it provides the full name of the charitable donor and the total amount of their giving. 

Your sample data will look something like the image below.

When the data looks correct, you can proceed to writing the letter. 

If the data isn't correct, please click on the, No, It's Not Right button

Verify Sample Data

Writing the Charitable Giving Statement

Editing the Statement

The Charitable Giving Statement page contains a letter that you can modify for your needs.

The letter can be edited with the toolbar. The toolbar buttons resembles the functionality of Microsoft Word where you’re able to bold, italicize, underline, align to left and right, etc.

Icon Bar


As you edit the letter, please be aware that there are two elements that cannot be altered:

{NAME} For each letter that’s created, this is where the donor’s name will be placed. Please ensure you don’t alter/remove this tag.

{TOTAL} For each letter that is created, this is where the donor’s total will be placed. Please ensure that you don’t alter/remove this tag.

Adding your logo to the Statement

Before you upload your logo, please ensure it's the right size and format.  SeedTally accepts logos that in the following formats:  .JPG, .PNG and .GIF.

For best results, please ensure your logo doesn't exceed 5 inches (360 pixels) in width.

If you need help editing your image, you can use Microsoft Paint if you're on a PC, or iPhoto if you're on a Mac.

When your image is ready for uploading, please consider the example image and the following steps:

  1. Click in the area where you would like the image to be placed in the letter
  2. Click on the Image button as it is outlined in red above.
  3. After the Image Properties dialog box comes up, click on the Upload tab.
  4. Click on the Browse buton, and navigate to your logo.
  5. After you've selected the photo you want to upload, you will return to the Image Properties screen.  Click on Send it to the Server and wait for the dialog box to appear indicating that the Upload was Successful.
  6. You will see your image in the Image Properties window.  You don't have to worry about editing the image size, or any of the other parameters. Click Ok.
  7. The image you have just upload should appear in the letter.  If the image is too big, it has to be resized with an image editing program.  If you're on a PC, you can use Microsoft Paint.  If you're on a Mac, you can use iPhoto, or you can choose whatever program you're comfortable with.  Again, for best results, the image should not exceed 5 inches (360 pixels) in width.

Downloading the File

You're All Done!

Each statement letter has been created and saved as a .PDF file.  Each .PDF file is named after the charitable giver's name so they are easy to identify.  All of the .PDF files have been grouped together in one .ZIP file instead of downloaded each individual .PDF one at a time. 

Your charitable giving statements are ready for download as a .ZIP file.

To unzip the file, and gain access to all of the .PDF documents, simply unzip the file, and email them to each person.  If you're on a Mac, double-click the file to unzip it.  A directory will be created with the same name as the .ZIP file that contains all of the .PDF files.  If you're on a PC, right-click on the file, and choose extract.  A directory will be created, with the same name as the .ZIP, which contains all of the .PDF files.

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